Boundaries and Self Esteem in Folklore

My assistant brought this Tik Tok video to my attention. She said, “This is your stuff!” It’s by author Wemi Opakunle. She shares a folklore story about an elephant who is tricked by other animals into challenging the lion as king of the jungle, and it doesn’t go well for the elephant. The other creatures shower the elephant with praise and he lets it get into his head. It’s also a story about boundaries, which I elaborate in the video.

Wemi brilliantly illustrates what happens when we begin to derive our self esteem from outside sources (Society Based Esteem). Watch the video below for the story and let me know what you think! Do you identify with seeking your self worth from outside sources and other people? Work with me to discover these sources and how to fix them. How to recognize your inherent worth.

You can also grab my free Guide to Healthy Self Esteem and Decision Making here. Credit to for this powerful video!