Good Inside

I was listening to the podcast We Do Hard Things and they were interviewing Dr. Becky (Parenting Psychologist- find her at and discussing her concept of “Good Inside”. I realized a while into it that her concept of “good inside” was essentially the same as my concept of “Inherent Worth”.

Inherent Worth is: “I have inherent worth just because I was born. Period. Nothing I say or do adds to my worth nor detracts from my worth. I stand equal to all, eye to eye and toe to toe.”

Dr. Becky was discussing her concept in the context of children; are children good people who do bad things or bad people who do good things? (Note: I’m not a fan of using “bad behaviors”, but we all know there are things our kids do that we don’t like.) In my context, it applies to everyone. On the inside, we all have worth, simply because we were born!

I elaborate more in the video below. If you struggle with seeing/feeling/remembering YOUR inherent worth, contact me here to work together!