How to Cope When you Goof Up in Public

Something really funny and kind of embarrassing happened when my assistant posted one of my reels to Instagram the other day, and it reminded me how I would have handled it back before I started using what I now call the EASA Lens of Self Esteem vs how I handled it now that I do.

On this particular reel (video post for you non-IGers) something went wrong where it must have fast forwarded the speed, and I sounded like Minnie Mouse. I initially thought something was wrong with my Instagram or my phone, so I texted my assistant to see if I sounded like Minnie Mouse to her. She laughed and said, “Oh. No, you totally sound like Minnie Mouse.”
She deleted it and was a little frustrated because she’d tried many times to get it uploaded and it was fine when she’d scheduled it. (Instagram can be really uncooperative when it wants to.)

Prior to using what I call the EASA Lens of Self Esteem (remember- E is for Esteem, A is for Achievements, S is for Society, and A again for Assets and Attributes), I would have been mortified and gone into a Less Than place. I’ve shared openly that my own source of outside self esteem I’ve had to work on is Society Based Esteem: my worth depends on what other people think of me. I would have thought, “Oh my gosh, what are people going to think? I wonder how many people saw that?” and wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere.

But this time, I laughed, handled it with a “yikes!”, and I realized it was a good example for a video on how you can cope when you make a goof up in public. Because we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we all have worth because we were born. Period. Watch the video below for more!

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