Daily Self Esteem Check-in Journal: A Freebie for YOU!

Are you currently keeping a journal, but want to add some pages to work on your self esteem specifically? Or do you just want to start with some quick daily exercises to help you with becoming aware of your unhealthy thoughts and work on seeing yourself in a healthier light?

Download these free, printable pages you can use to keep track of your self esteem and thought patterns from day-to-day. Use the affirmation list included to help you reframe any critical or negative thoughts you had throughout the day about yourself (or about others!). It’s best to use them at the end of your day so that you can look back and recall all of the events and how you felt/thought about them.

This is a great step to get started on your path to Healthy Self Esteem with me. To hear more of what I have to say, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, download my Free Guide to Healthy Self Esteem and Confident Decision Making, and keep up with the Your Decision Diva Blog!

Click to download the free self esteem check in pages