Simone Biles

Remember when Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition in the Olympics? 

If you don’t remember, or weren’t paying attention:

Simone Biles is recognized as the greatest gymnast of all time. And at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, she withdrew from the team competition and the USA Team brought home the silver medal without her. She did not compete in many of the individual events either.

Like others, I was shocked to see this news when it first broke. I wasn’t alone, social media exploded about her for the next week.

I wake up to The Today Show every morning. Literally, my TV has an “on” timer and I *wake up* to The Today Show. (my husband calls it a pretty expensive alarm clock )

So I actually woke up to the news that Simone Biles had withdrawn from the team competition. 

And while I was getting ready for work, I was glued to the TV for more information. 

I sat with curiosity, wondering what had happened. 

What could possibly have happened? 

And with all the others speculating and judging, Aly Raisman was interviewed. Aly was her teammate from 2016. 

 And Aly said something very profound: 

“We need to remember that Simone Biles is human.” 

This beautiful statement out of Aly’s mouth hit me like a ton of bricks.

Healthy self-esteem is accepting and acknowledging our human-ness. 

  • I am enough and I matter in spite of my flaws and perfections, nothing I say or do adds to my value NOR detracts from it.
  • I stand equal to all eye to eye and toe to toe. 
  • I have worth because I was born.
  • I can hold myself in warm regard.

Simone is human. 

Being human means flaws and imperfections.

She’s a great gymnast. 

It doesn’t change her human-ness. 

When we went into judging her, we stepped out of healthy self-esteem and placed ourselves as Better Than her.

Judgment is a form of: “I am better than you. I am looking down on you.” 

I am not here to defend her. I don’t know her personally. I don’t know enough about what happened. 

I simply wrote this to remind everyone that Simone is human.

And so are you.

Do you struggle with your own human-ness? Contact me here to work together. 

THIS is what I love to talk about and work on, all day/every day.


Join me and let me help you ditch the stress of self-doubt and finally live the life you truly want!

Remember, YOU are enough and YOU matter