So You’ve Disappointed Someone…Now What?

A lot of women have come to me and said, “I’m afraid to make healthy decisions because I am afraid of disappointing someone. That fear of disappointment stops people from speaking from their true healthy self.

So, you’ve disappointed someone…

Now what? What’s the #1 thing you can do to feel better about that?

Use your protective boundary, which is the space between what you hear and what you absorb. As long as you made the decision from your healthy place, you are not responsible for the other person’s response.

Keep in mind, healthy boundaries are KIND and work hand-in-hand with Healthy Self Esteem. Boundaries are a message to ourselves that says “that is their journey.”

You don’t have to own their journey and it is not your job to navigate that for them or protect them from their pain. As long as the decision is coming from your Healthy Center, not from a place where you are in Better Than or Less Than, you are not responsible for the other person’s disappointment. This is where boundaries and self esteem go hand-in-hand, like an infinity symbol.

You make decisions more easily WHEN you’re happy BECAUSE how you view yourself is *not* dependent upon the outcome of the decision.

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Remember, YOU are enough and YOU matter!