There’s Nothing Pretty About Being Passive

Being feminine means never lying to ourselves or others about what we want.

If you’ve been following my blog, emails or social media, then you know that my favorite topics are Self-Esteem, Boundaries and Decision-Making.

I stumbled upon this article and it spoke to me deeply. So deeply, in fact, that I really wanted to share it with anyone who will listen to me.

Congrats, that’s you!

There is so much to talk about in today’s world about feminism, and I believe some healthy messages get lost in that discussion. If you want to read the entire article, Femininity is About More Than Putting on a Pretty Dress by Nea Logan, here is the link.

However, the article is about so much more than femininity, and I wanted to share it because it touches upon those favorite topics of mine I listed above.

Here I’m going to pull some of my favorite “stuff” from the article and share my thoughts with you…(to make it easier, quotes from the article will be in italics.)

“There’s Nothing Pretty about Being Passive – Some women have gained this idea that it’s appropriate to bottle up our thoughts and feelings. Meanwhile, we begrudgingly put responsibilities on our plate that we’d rather not have.”

I’m hearing from TONS of women that they don’t make decisions because they are so afraid of disappointing someone else. Ironically, I’ve also spoken to tons of MEN who actually do wish the women in their lives would make more decisions and speak their minds more freely and confidently.

“Being feminine never means lying to ourselves or others about what we want and need.”

Hear, hear!!! I love this quote!!

On the contrary, the truly feminine woman is a direct communicator. Everyone knows where she stands. She has carefully crafted her own style and knows how to respectfully accept and decline requests. And yes, she can say “no” without being considered aggressive or angry.

This may take time and effort. We can’t make healthy decisions when we are not in tune with our own voice – the voice we have spent our life ignoring or tuning out. 

Ladies, it’s time to tune INLISTEN to that voice!

The Center of Equality

It’s time to get into Healthy Self-Esteem, that magical center of equality (vs feeling Less Than or Better Than others), where we can make our decisions knowing that we are healthy enough to handle the outcome.

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Remember, YOU are enough and YOU matter.