Are you JUDGING Yourself?

Fun fact: I sell Beautycounter. I’m not very good at it, but I enjoy the social aspect of it, and that’s why I do it. Recently, I went to a meet-and-greet here in Boston featuring Gregg Renfrew, Founder and CEO of Beautycounter.

She made a speech, and in that speech, she said something really great to the effect of, “Ladies, let’s stop judging each other, stop judging someone else’s decisions.” I even went up to her afterward to thank her for saying that—explaining that I am a coach and judgment is my topic.

(Being in Less Than or Better Than instead of your Healthy Center of Self Esteem means you are either judging yourself or judging others.)

So, I wanted to talk about judgment; specifically judging the decisions of others or even our own past judgments.

Judging others puts us up into Better Than. It’s looking down at someone thinking, “Why did they do that? Why aren’t they doing this other thing? Why aren’t they doing it this way or that way?”

We often do the same when judging our past selves. Even if we don’t necessarily regret our past decisions, we might look back and think, “Why did I DO that?” And that puts us into Less Than.

The answer is the same regardless of which way the judgment is pointed: They/You had their/your reasons at the time that made sense.

If Past You and Current You were having a dialogue and Current You was scolding your past self for a decision she made, what would Past You say? Would she go into Less Than and berate herself about the poor decision? Or would she say:

“I had my reasons at the time that made sense to me.”

Hearing that? That’s compassion. And compassion is the key to stepping out of judgment and into your Healthy Center of Self Esteem.


I have worth because I was born.

I stand equal to all, eye to eye and toe to toe.

That’s how you bring yourself up from Less Than and back down from Better Than. Because we’re all human, we’re all allowed to make mistakes, we’re all going to make mistakes, including making decisions we may find questionable down the road.

Contact me and I can help bring you back to your center if you’ve sunk too far down or floated too far up. Healthy Self Esteem is all about keeping yourself balanced in your center, and when you begin to use my lens and make a habit of it, you will see profound changes in your life for the better.

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