Can You Hold Yourself in Warm Regard?

How do you bring yourself back into your inherent worth and hold yourself in warm regard when you’re feeling not-so-worthy? Today I’m going to tell you about a little tip I give to my clients and even my own kids!

Can I (can you) hold yourself in warm regard in spite of your flaws and imperfections? Getting back to your core of inherent worth can take some effort when something goes wrong.  Remember with my lens of self esteem, I ask: where do you find your worth or value? Do you know that you are equal to all? You are not Better Than, you are not Less Than. You have inherent worth just because you were born. Equality with everybody. 

As a human being, you are allowed to have flaws and imperfections—we all do!

If you are a parent, (stay with me if you’re not because I have a version of this tip for non-parents) and you’re in a moment of feeling Less Than and leaning towards berating yourself, try this: Imagine a moment where you are connected with your child. Not a time when they’re being difficult, but a tender moment. Now imagine yourself as that child. 

Feel that warmth go through you of how much you love that child. And once you feel that, picture yourself in that same mental space. That is how you move into a place of self-compassion and holding yourself in warm regard.

If you’re not a parent, picture a puppy or kitten, or any animal that gives you those feelings of warmth and love. I use this with my own kids. One of them loves puppies and the other loves kittens (although I often forget which kid loves which.) If my son is in a place of, “Oh, I’m the worst. I messed up.” I will say, “Picture a puppy!” And I literally watch his face change as he melts into a place of warm regard for himself.

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