Where Does Self Esteem Come From? What is Inherent Worth?

Today, I want to go back to basics. 

A quick review: I love to talk about Self Esteem.

And the “outside sources” of Self Esteem fit with my name: Vickey Easa. 

E is for Esteem

A is for Achievements

S is for Society (what others think of you)

A is for Assets and Attributes (what you have or physical features)

Those are your outside sources of Self Esteem.

VERSUS: do you know that you have inherent worth just because you were born? So there are the outside sources versus the internal, inherent worth, and the inherent worth is Self Esteem.

How do I “esteem” myself? 

Where do I find my worth or my value? 

It comes from being born, period. 

Not from what you do, not from what other people think, and not from what you have or what you look like—just because you were born. 

That’s why I said I want to get back to basics today; for those of you who might be confused by what “Self Esteem” means; by the concept, because the term is misused by society. 

Remember: nothing adds to nor detracts from your worth—because you already have worth!

You may have strengths and weaknesses—actually, we ALL do, but they do not change your worth. 

So when you are thinking about the outside sources of Self Esteem (EASA) the opposite of that is “I have inherent worth just because I was born and none of that other stuff matters.”

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