You’re Allowed to Mess Up

Today I want to focus on the affirmations we tell ourselves from here and the affirmations we need to tell ourselves daily.

To be in your healthy center, say:

  • I have worth because I was born
  • I’m enough and I matter in spite of my flaws and imperfections
  • I can hold myself in warm regard…
  • I’m allowed to make mistakes

These statements are from the internal core; from here, I have worth because I was born.

I made a mistake the other day…

I’m going to be doing some traveling in June. So, I was looking at flights one night and was just browsing to see how much it might cost, but didn’t book. The next night, I looked again, and the prices had gone up astronomically.

I was so stumped and confused wondering WHAT is going on? I asked my husband, “I don’t understand why did this happen? This is weird!” I tried various options like changing the airport and it didn’t make much difference.

Then my husband asked, “What date are you flying again?”

I looked. It said March. I’m traveling in June. I had neglected to enter the correct dates in the flight planner. Oops.

I had compassion; pulled myself up, held myself gently, and laughed it off.

“I’m allowed to make mistakes. Mistakes prove that I’m human.”

In the past, I would have berated myself for 5-10 minutes: “Ugh, why can’t I think of the date right? What’s wrong with me?

But not this time. Every morning I say to myself that not only am I allowed to mess up, I am going to mess up, and that’s okay. And I can hold myself in warm regard when it happens.

I also didn’t lash out at my husband by bouncing from Less Than to Better Than: “You always do it right, why aren’t you the one booking this flight because I always mess up.”

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Comment below and let me know what are the things you say to yourself—do you berate yourself—and what would you like to work on with me to get you into your center of Healthy Self Esteem?